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Wool necklace

By September 30, 2018October 9th, 2018No Comments
Month seven outcome -

Wool Necklace:

Wool Necklace – For those following me on social media, you will know that September was my month of making jewellery from something with wool. Wool was a material I thought I’d feel at home with due to having worked with so much textiles previously but I actually found this month pretty tricky!

Month seven of my #ProjectWabiSabi was a celebration of wool because this is the material that marks the seventh wedding anniversary.  So each month for the rest of the year, I will be selecting the next material in line. Each marks the next sentimental anniversary gift.

My plan this year is to mark months 1-10 in celebration of my ten years in business.

Wool necklace anniversary gifts

During September I also recommended some brilliant independent businesses making beautiful makes from wool, see more here. I also interviewed Queen of wool Rachel Coopey about her woollen designs, see more here. Finally, I made an wool necklace and this is what I wanted to talk about further in this blog post.

Making in wool

Setting myself a brief …

For those of you who have read my last few #ProjectWabiSabi posts, you’ll know that I have to set myself a brief to know where I’m going to make my jewellery. In fact so much so sometimes, that I seem to tie myself up in knots with the amount of boundaries I set myself whilst making a piece!

This month the brief had a couple of parameters: to utilise the stunning Coops Knits Merino wool given to me by designer interview participant Rachel. To make a bracelet. To try and make use of the new macrame skills I had learnt whilst doing a wall hanging workshop with Romy Design at Workshop SY1. As you might have guessed I only managed two out of the three this time!

Playing with wool …

After a couple of followers challenged me to make a bracelet as one of my outcomes, I really felt like this month could be where I made this happen. I begun tests with a gold bangle, trying various knotting techniques around the frame.

However many techniques I tried, I just simply felt that the outcome did not do the technique justice and didn’t sit right with me. It was ‘ok’ but for me putting out ‘ok’ has never sat right. So whether it was comfort zone or not, I resided to go with my gut and pursue an outcome that felt more resolved in the time I had.

Wool necklace socks yeah wool
Wool necklace bracelet design

Wool necklace

Problem Solving…
Due to only being a novice with macrame techniques, the skills I had at my disposal were somewhat limited. But I did various samples and spent many hours getting a feel for what might be possible.
The difficult think was balancing out visually, the weight of the wool versus the weight of the brass tube. Something which always makes designing jewellery a challenge is making the item beautiful aesthetically as well as practical and wearable.
Wool necklace work in progress
Wool necklace behind the scenes

After much frustration and feeling like this was the month that might just have had me stumped, I got there!

As so often I find with my work, I have to simplify. When I feel like I am hitting my head against a brick wall, I go back to the drawing board. The challenge is to try and approach the problem with fresh eyes and not overcomplicate things. I also have to trust my instinct as there’s no one else making the rules for me. After all, I am allowed to make this enjoyable. So I went with it and this is what I came up with.

The outcome…

My wool necklace uses macrame techniques to create form, from the beautifully soft merino wool. A brushed brass bar creates a focal point on the central section of the necklace. Let us know what you think by dropping me a comment in the box below!

Wool necklace pink
Wool necklace handmade

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