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Women Who Changed Our World – 100 Years On

By February 9, 2018March 15th, 2018One Comment

Women Who Changed Our World:

100 years on

Women who changed our world – I simply could not let this week go by without marking such a profound occasion – 100 years since women over 30 first won the right to vote in the UK.

It’s been amazing to see politicians, activists and social media users paying tribute to the women who helped to force a change in the law.

100 years ago 500,000 women rallied in Hyde Park in one of the largest gatherings ever recorded in London. What a landmark victory for those amazing women towards equality. It took another 10 years and the bravery of the likes of Millicient Fawcett and Emmeline Pankhurst to give this right to women over 21, however we are so grateful for their sacrifices.

Women who changed our world - Emmeline Pankhurst

Females in power

With the recent #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns and the BBC gender pay gap scandals, there is no doubt more progress to be made! A recent report by the World Economic Forum said it could take a further 100 years for global pay equality to be reached. It’s clear to see that we need more females in power, as leaders and in business!

Women who changed our world - #MeToo

10 years on

I feel proud that I am a woman in business. That I have in small ways stood tall and taken risks, not following the norm. I like to think I have made some strides in the direction of what many strong women before me have carved the path of.

Though of course not on the same scale but in my own way, this year too for me is also momentous. 2018 marks ten years in business for me and I’m proud to have started business in a recession and to still be here doing unconventional things in a competitive and often undervalued market.

Women who changed our world - Women in business

Women who have changed my world

In the wake of 100 years on and women who changed our world, I wanted to mark the occasion in my own way and celebrate the women in the last 10 years that have changed my world.

There’s always a huge force of nature that collides when women support each other and I for one am a huge advocate of this. I am sure I would absolutely not be where I am today without the many amazing women who have supported, inspired and been part of my 10 year story in business.

With this in mind, each month this year I will be showcasing one of them. I want to champion what makes women brilliant in business. I feel it will be the strength of women such as these, who hold the key to change for generations to come.

It may be a tiny thing in comparison to the greats … but I feel strongly that we each have our part to play and my hope is that thus far my small contribution has meaning.

This is just the beginning …

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