Unique Jewellery Collections

Unique Jewellery: We design and make, unique handmade jewellery and pride ourselves on making items that are a little unconventional, unusually oversized and brilliantly British. Our designer jewellery collections are inspired by the discovery of tactile materials, giving the otherwise forgotten, a fresh identity and distinct style, that effortlessly take you from season to season.

Like many of us, in the hectic whirlwind of modern life, Saloukee designer and founder Sarah seeks to find a certain sense of ‘hygge’ in her everyday and her jewellery collections often reveal themselves to be a reflection of this. This intriguing Danish word (pronounced hue-gah) sits at the very core of Saloukee’s being – explained a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day things more meaningful, beautiful or special. Such a sense is something we hope to impart with our wearers.

Lost & Found Collection

Unique Jewellery: Our Lost & Found collection was inspired following a vacation to beautiful Nordic country of Denmark. What begun as a mission in finding the time to just ‘be’, evolved into an urge to capture that perfect moment of freedom in time. A small number of stones picked from the coastal beaches, were taken home to the studio where to jewels of nature were developed in to one off timeless classics.

Find your moment of peace whilst these million year old unique stones forged by the earth and set individually by hand, adorn you effortlessly.

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White // Wood Collection

Unique Jewellery: Our White // Wood collection was created following a trip to the English seaside. Taking its style cues from Nordic simplicity and tribal fashions, pieces were designed and made with raw, natural materials, fresh metallics and organic whites. the jewellery all woven, wrapped and finished by hand, to perfect each and every quality finished piece.

Reach out to nature with these delectably tactile, luxurious pieces of hand-crafted scrumptious-ness!

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Strands Collection

Unique Jewellery: Our Strands collection was conceived through an urge to create pieces of beautiful jewellery which had an elegant, adorning presence and a return to dexterity during making. Each necklace is uniquely woven and dyed entirely by hand without the involvement of any machinery.

Make your statement with a piece of jewellery which has been solely woven, dyed and made by hand for you to wear, as uniquely precious as you are.

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To Cherish Collection

Unique Jewellery: Our To Cherish collection incorporates methodical repetition, intricate cutting, hand formed silver and hand folded paper. A collection made up of of paper rings,  paper bracelets, paper necklaces and paper earrings which offer ‘talking point’ jewellery, exuding preciousness.

Show your appreciation for innovation with an item from the collection where it all begun, stand out from the crowd!

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