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UK Made Ethical Jewellery

By November 13, 2018No Comments
Meet Jeweller - Sophia Hargreaves

UK Made Ethical Jewellery

Next up on our blog is an interview with UK Made Ethical Jewellery talent, Sophia Hargreaves. It’s number nine in our series which will be released throughout 2018. This series is all about showcasing some of the amazing women who have supported, inspired and been part of Saloukee’s 10 year story in business.

Today we are speaking with Sophia. She designs, creates, repairs and manufactures bespoke, handmade and ethical jewellery from her workshop in Hebden Bridge.

Our #ProjectWabiSabi month nine showcase is all about metal and in particular, copper. This is the material which marks the ninth wedding anniversary. This year for us is all about celebrating our 1-10 years in business.  So during November, I will also be making a copper design of my own. Plus recommending other brilliant independents who work in the same medium.

UK Made Ethical Jewellery Sophia Hargreaves

The Background

How did you and Sarah first meet?

Sarah and I met at Loughborough uni. I didn’t know Sarah that well until after uni really, and our work crosses over with us both utilising each others’ skill sets for various small business help when needed. I also made Sarah’s engagement and wedding rings (see more here).

We’re really lucky, there’s a group of us uni friends that still meet up for lovely weekends away, 15 odd years on!

What are you doing at this stage in your career?

Well making UK made ethical jewellery of course! But mainly just keeping my head afloat trying to juggle running a business around my other jobs (mother, wife, doggy mummy and DIY queen!). I try and push the business and myself as much as I can while keeping the bread and butter jobs coming in.

UK Made Ethical Jewellery Hallmarking

Is there one piece of advice that you would give to someone thinking of starting their own creative business?

Learning when to say no is a very important skill …

How has running your business changed in the time you’ve been involved in the industry?

Social media has changed things, mostly for the best but I still crave a bit of creative isolation!

Women In Business

UK Made Ethical Jewellery Engagement Ring
Can you name a female role model (alive/dead) that you believe future generations should know about?
Oh gosh … erm it would have to be Polly Wales. For believing in her style and pushing the boundaries of luxury jewellery to incorporate ethical materials and bucket loads of bling! The first think I would buy if I won the lottery would be a Polly Wales skull ring!
UK Made Ethical Jewellery Gold Rings
What’s your favourite material to work with and are there any you’d still love to explore?
I love working with yellow gold… I would love a chunk of 22ct to play with.

Real Life Stuff

What’s one thing that creativity has taught you about life?

To not give a shit what other people think of you and your style!

UK Made Ethical Jewellery - Escapism

What’s the most sentimental object that you own and why?

I think if I lost my engagement ring I would be gutted. My camper van, (Dougie) might also be up there in first place … I think because it’s so easy to escape life in Dougie … other than that I would quite happily get rid of everything else for a quiet life!

What does priceless mean to you?

Something that has so much meaning that money could not buy a replacement.

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