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Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year – The Meaning

By February 27, 2018April 4th, 20193 Comments

Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year: The Meaning –

Historic Origins

Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year – Wedding anniversary gifts have historic origins. Giving a gift by year is said to date back to the Holy Roman Empire. Husbands were said to have given a gift of silver in by crowning their wives with a silver wreath in on their twenty-fifth anniversary.

A gift of gold was said to then follow with a golden wreath on the fiftieth wedding anniversary. The twentieth century, has led to such traditions being followed and each and every anniversary being represented by a named gift.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts: Years 1-10

Traditional 1st year anniversary gift: Paper

Traditional 2nd year anniversary gift: Cotton

Traditional 3rd year anniversary gift: Leather

Traditional 4th year anniversary gift: Linen

Traditional 5th year anniversary gift: Wood

Traditional 6th year anniversary gift: Iron

Traditional 7th year anniversary gift: Wool

Traditional 8th year anniversary gift: Bronze

Traditional 9th year anniversary gift: Copper

Traditional 10th year anniversary gift: Tin

Since the outset of our jewellery business, we have handcrafted jewellery made from several of the materials which symbolically represent the traditional anniversary gift by year. You can click on the individual links above to find gifts specific for those anniversaries.

It is our hope that this year, we will be going on a creative journey to seek new ideas that perhaps may lead us into gifts of the future.

An Anniversary Of Our Own

The exciting reason for new things this year is in celebration! This year brings a BIG anniversary for me and Saloukee, my business is 10! I can’t quite believe it to be honest! Time really has flown and I have been reflecting on what I’ve accomplished within the last decade.

To mark such an occasion, I be showcasing some of the Women Who Have Changed My World along the way. Aside this, my intention is really embrace the core of my business and the true reason I set it up in the first place. This really was always about the designing and making of unconventional jewellery!

Along my journey, it seems I have undertake less of such things, so this year I have promised myself change.

Imperfect As The New Perfect!

I have set myself the challenge to make a piece of jewellery per month, made from the material marked by the traditional anniversary gift by year. My intention is to track my story on the bench via social media and blog posts.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year Handmade Jewellery

I’m excited to see where this creative journey takes me. I am aiming to avoid the aim of perfection (the killer of so much creative flow) and allow myself to see this simply as a journey of learning. This in itself is a tough one for me as I always strive for my ultimate capability, as so many of us do!

However with life as it goes and the time restraints of still running a business alongside my new challenge, perfect I am sure will not be attainable! So I am in training, imperfect is the new me! I’d love to get feedback along the way, so do join me, I’d love to hear from you!


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