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Tin Stacking Bangles

By December 19, 2018No Comments
Month ten outcome -

Tin Stacking Bangles:

Tin Stacking Bangles – For those following me on social media, you will know that December was my month of making jewellery from something with tin. This month because to be honest it came together really rather quickly. Which was a must really, I set myself a very tight deadline as there were so many other things going on on the run up to Christmas!

Month ten of my #ProjectWabiSabi was a celebration of tin because this is the material that marks the tenth wedding anniversary.  So each month this year I have made something from a different material related to anniversaries 1-10.

This year I have marked months 1-10 in celebration of my ten years in business.

Tin Stacking Bangles Jo Pond Jewellery

During December, I also recommended some brilliant independent businesses making tin themed gifts, see more here. I also interviewed talented jeweller Jo Pond about her jewellery business. Finally, I made a set of tin stacking bangles and this is what I wanted to talk about further in this blog post.

Making in tin

Setting myself a brief …

This months outcome came out of necessity. There was no real planning, no moment of divine inspirations. Instead just a determination that I wanted to finish the year with all of my #ProjectWabiSabi pieces completed!

I considered using many forms of tin and researched around the subject. Including wondering whether pewter was a possibility (made from a malleable metal alloy, traditionally composed of 85–99% tin). However, I discounted due to the short timeframe. I also considered using casting, welding, riveting and combining with precious metal.

Tin Stacking Bangles Jo Pond Jewellery

Tin Stacking Bangles

Problem Solving…
Ultimately many of the processes that could have been explored for my final month would have taken a lot more time to explore, perfect and allow me to feel accomplished.
A large part of what I’ve learned as part of the process this year is that for me ‘material is king!’ This is one of the most important elements for me. Picking up a material that I’ve never worked with before to conclude a finished piece in the space of a matter of days is usually a challenge enough. This is before I throw in all of the additional attributes I usually like the pieces to have.
Therefore, I took heed of my learning and allowed myself to very simply work with the materials themselves. Let them do the talking. Not add in any complicated or time consuming techniques and make what felt honoured the humble material.
Tin Stacking Bangles Tools
The outcome…

A trio of raw, unapologetically organic, tin stacking bangles. Complete with crumples and cracks. Each unique in its aesthetic, formed by hand and beautifully simple, nestling happily side by side in its set.

So tell me … what do you think of final offering, let me know below in the comments.

Tin Stacking Bangles By Saloukee
Tin Stacking Bangles Recycled Metal

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