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The Importance of Self-Care – Finding Balance In A Frantic World

By September 29, 2017October 19th, 2017No Comments

The Importance of Self-Care:

As someone who all too often has run on empty, earlier on this year I was determined to utilise the skills I had, for the greater good. Ever aware of how our worlds are gaining momentum and running faster, I constantly watch those around me struggling for balance. It’s become all too apparent the real need for all of us to slow down. With mental health issues affecting so many, I wanted to find a way to design an accessible wellness product that highlighted the importance of self-care.

” How many of us are fully present in our own worlds? Most of us are aware of the actions we should take but often prioritise the needs of others. “

The Importance Of Self-Care - Time Out

Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

Last summer (after fulfilling my large order for U.S retail giant Anthropologie), I felt exhausted and pretty disconnected. My existence was trapped behind technology in a then idyllic yet isolated, rural location. There was no doubt, I had to find a way to reconnect.

I got on a mission to find my happy (and arguably my inner hippy too!). With determination, I committed to six-months of yoga (inspired greatly by the wonderful ethos of That Yoga Mum ), reading mindfulness books and undertaking many hours of meditation.

The Importance Of Self-Care - Yoga

Creativity Without Compromise

Convinced there was a way that I could utilise my skills learnt from my jewellery business, running workshops, writing her jewellery book and lecturing over the years. After many months trying to crack what all of these things meant … I finally conjured up an idea. I wanted to share the passion for making jewellery and the sense of calm that it had always brought to me. I also wanted to do this without compromising my new found slow living beliefs.

The Importance Of Self-Care - Creativity

Founded to encourage busy women to take more time to do less.

The idea I came up with was simple, (as all good things are!). A box – delivered to a self-nominated host, containing all the items needed for an evening retreat, an indulgent girls night in. Hosts could invite friends to join in, persuading them to take more time, to do less.

And so, ‘Saloukee Home’ was born. I invited groups of friends for evenings in, allowing them to unplug from the world and reconnect with their values and the importance of self-care. Sitting cosily by the fire, appreciating life’s little things. Eating home cooked food, with recipes created by talented chefs using locally sourced ingredients.

In addition, the ultimate nostalgic comfort, time spent making with their hands, their very own Saloukee jewellery. Come the end of the night, attendees felt relaxed and reconnected, whilst also having a handmade necklace to wear, take home and cherish.

The Importance Of Self-Care - Food

Gathering a group of friends for an evening of relaxation and creativity has the most restorative effect on the soul.

“It’s so easy to get busy but it takes conscious effort to slow down and I hope my Saloukee Home boxes might persuade others to take the time for some handmade happiness.”

Prices from £35 per person with a minimum of 4 persons and maximum of 8 persons per evening. These numbers are encouraged per evening retreat to retain the hygge intimacy of the gathering.

The Importance Of Self-Care - Comfort

Recipes devised by Wild Shropshire Chef James Sherwin:

Home location courtesy of The Annex at Lees Farm:

Graphic design and photography by Author Studios:

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