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Tenth wedding anniversary gift ideas

By December 7, 2018No Comments

Tenth wedding anniversary gift ideas –

The Tin Anniversary:

Tenth wedding anniversary gift ideas – in my blog Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year we found out the historical origins of wedding anniversary gift giving. This blog is the tenth and final in our series of wedding anniversary gift ideas.

We wanted to share some items which we think make brilliant tenth wedding anniversary gift ideas. We selected a number of gifts from independent businesses in the hope to inspire.

A Tin Sculpture

How about commissioning a little handmade something for your loved one? These gorgeous miniature vintage tin storybox sculptures are just beautiful!

Little Burrow Designs is the whimsical repurposed sculpture world of mixed media artist, Claire Read.

Claire says “I love to give life again to unloved or unused objects from the past. It doesn’t bother me if an item is far from perfect in condition – for me that merely enhances it’s story.

I love the thought that, as an object reaches the end of it’s valued life, someone like me still sees value in it. I decide to rework it into something new – and so it begins life again, in a different form.”

Each storybox will differ slightly and are priced at between £65-85, MORE HERE.

A Tin Locket

How about this gorgeous gramophone needle tin repurposed into a locket? Inside you’ll find the original gramophones needles used as a clever photo holder – just lovely!

Made by Jo Pond who comes from a family of ‘Ponds’ who she says appear to have a genetic necessity for hoarding.

Jo says ” Collecting unconventional and often unwanted items, I enjoy exploring symbolic references of form, material and technique. I repurpose my finds, to create unique one-off items. They are often assembled with the use of a laser-welder and on occasion replicated through the lost wax casting technique.

Old printed tin is often recycled, with the vintage inks preserved while the original storage device is reinvented to become a treasured object or wearable. ”

Gramophone needle tin locket in red, priced at £48 MORE HERE.

A Tin Keepsake

For that someone that is an aspiring green fingered god/goddess? How’s about this gorgeous ‘Wild About You’ plant set, complete with pewter (usually made from 95% tin – it counts right?!) keepsake for your beau.

Kutuu is a small family brand taking inspiration from everyday moments to create meaningful metal keepsakes. Since 2006, each design has started at the workbench with Hannah where sheet metal is cut, stamped and shaped into keyrings, bookmarks and pocket tokens as well as other daily life details.

They say: “We wholeheartedly believe that sometimes it is the smallest things that hold the greatest meaning and it is with this idea in mind that we create sweet symbols and meaningful messages for you to tuck into the pockets of the ones you love. “
Choose from 10 different plant sets, all priced at £15 each, MORE HERE.

This month will also see me making new work with tin to celebrate my 10 years in business. I have set myself the challenge to make a new piece of jewellery per month, which has been taking place all year. Each month has been themed by the materials of the anniversaries 1-10.  Do follow me on Instagram to track my journey.

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