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Seventh wedding anniversary gift ideas

By September 7, 2018September 10th, 2018No Comments

Seventh wedding anniversary gift ideas –

The Wool Anniversary:

Seventh wedding anniversary gift ideas – in my blog Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year we found out the historical origins of wedding anniversary gift giving. This blog is the seventh in our series of wedding anniversary gift ideas.

We wanted to share some items which we think make brilliant seventh wedding anniversary gift ideas. We selected a number of gifts from independent businesses in the hope to inspire.

Knitted Wall Hanging

Little Knitted Stars do a gorgeous array of wall art, along with a beautiful selection of machine knitted cushions, scarves, snoods hats and wrist warmers. All  accessories created from high quality lambswool yarn. There’s nothing better than buying handmade as a gift, especially as they do custom orders too. Perfect for guys and gals alike.

Owner Kate says “I design the pattern motifs and punch them out by hand on punch card paper. I then knit them out on one of my 1980s domestic knitting machines. These are hand powered and thus I am able to watch every stitch being created as I knit out the fabrics. I hand manipulate the stitches to create the finished edges, ensuring a perfect, handcrafted, premium product is created. ”

Wall hangings are priced from £20, MORE HERE.

Recycled Cashmere Gloves

There’s no better present than the gift of cosiness and contentment. These sumptuous handmade gloves from Turtle Doves are just the ticket. Not only are they gorgeously soft (I’d know, I’ve treated myself to some and they are firm favourites) but they come with an ethical edge too. All of their products are made from pre-loved cashmere, in a range of colours and are made for both men and women.

They say : “They are designed to be worn on the wrist all day and create a great “layered” look… this way you keep your wrists cosy and have your fingerless gloves to hand whenever needed. They are never lost or forgotten and your wrists are protected from the cold all day.
Apart from keeping you warm and looking great they are really useful for musicians, photographers, animal lovers, drivers and people who text and phone on the go. “
Gloves are priced at £26 per pair, MORE HERE.

Cosy Felt Slippers

We all love to get cosy and curl up on the sofa after a hard days work don’t we? Well these lovely slippers from Wild Llama will add an extra dimension to your comfort levels we’re sure.

They say “The highest quality minimalist design felt slippers for women and men that will last you for years. Our felt slippers are made using eco-friendly, non-dyed wool. This makes them organic, durable and extremely comfortable. ”

Slippers are priced from £35 per pair, MORE HERE.

This month will also see me making new work with an wool theme to celebrate my 10 years in business. I have set myself the challenge to make a new piece of jewellery per month for the rest of the year. Each month will be themed by the materials of the anniversaries 1-10.  Do follow me on Instagram to track my journey.

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