Finding Your Handmade Happiness

Saloukee Home | Self-Care Box

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Where it began

Do you spend days relentlessly chasing your tail and not finding enough moments to be fully present in your own world? Most of us are aware of the actions that we should be taking but prioritise the things become most urgent because they involve the needs of others.

Back last summer after single handedly fulfilling a large order for U.S retail giant Anthropologie, Saloukee jewellery designer Sarah Kelly felt all of these things and more. She was determined to find a way to reconnect.

Following a 6-month journey of mindfulness and yoga, Sarah slowed down enough to search out the clarity that had been eluding her. She wanted to find a way to share the calm that she had originally found when connecting with the simple dexterity of making jewellery.


With a passion to pass on her skills, Sarah also wanted to draw on the knowledge she’d gained writing her jewellery book and lecturing over the years. She realised that she could bring together all that she’d learnt. In her mind she’d crafted a lovely concept for escapism, self-care and for nurturing friendships. A way for her to share her passion for jewellery, whilst championing her new found slow living beliefs.

It was a simple idea. A package delivered to a self-nominated host containing all the items needed for a self-care evening retreat. The host would invite her friends and offer them the permission, to take more time to do less.

Saloukee Home was born

And so Saloukee Home was born. Sarah gathered groups of friends that had become her sense of belonging, since living in her new Shropshire home. She hosted events to allow them to unplug from the world and reconnect with their values, ensuring her idea was a possibility.

During these evenings, friends sat by the fire in their lounge-wear, having easy conversation with like-minded souls. They were cooked wholesome food, with locally sourced ingredients from recipes devised by talented chefs. The final gift of the evening was for Sarah to share her passion for making and creativity. She guided them through making their very own Saloukee necklace. One to wear, take home and cherish, long after the evening was over.

Handmade happiness

The retreats were such a success that she confirmed that this was the perfect next step for both her business and her beliefs. And so she created a treat box, which could be delivered and share with other women in need of self-care. “It’s so easy to get busy, it’s takes conscious effort to slow down but I hope that my Saloukee Home boxes might just empower some handmade happiness.”

Recipes devised by Wild Shropshire Chef James Sherwin

Home location courtesy of The Annex at the barn at Lees Farm, Ironbridge

Graphic design and photography by Author Studios

A feast for the senses, transporting you to a relaxing, creative haven. A gift of an evening!

A gift of an evening

I thought I wouldn't be able to make the necklace but I'm really pleased with myself!
Lovely evening relaxing with great company and a piece of jewellery that I'll wear time and time again!

I'm really pleased with myself!

It was really enjoyable and so nice to be absorbed in making and creating. I love my necklace, it's so different and substantial. I don't like jewellery as it's often so same, but not my necklace. Full marks from me!

I love my necklace!

I went to a Saloukee Home party and made a stylish black cord necklace. It's versatile, comfortable, and attractive. It's often commented on, and it goes with nearly everything! , and the instructions and materials provided were first rate.
Thanks Saloukee! I'll be back!

The evening was great!

I love receiving stuff through the post, and this little perfectly put together box was a real treat to open, thank you. I really enjoyed being totally immersed in making, the bonus? I made a super cool accessory which everyone comments on, and I absolute love to wear!

I really enjoyed being totally immersed in making!