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Our Rock Jewellery – Featured on Hide My Coat Fashion Blog

By September 26, 2016May 21st, 2018No Comments

Rock Jewellery

Featured on Hide My Coat Fashion Blog:
Style trotter Tasia Litkovska looked hot to trot when she when she wore our chunky statement rock jewellery this month to her all white boat party in Miami Beach. Teaming her handmade jewellery with the gentle silhouette of her Voronianska two piece set and sunnies from U.S brand J. Martasand.

Keepsake Jewellery Bespoke Commission
Rock Jewellery Rings Hide My Coat

The perfect match:

We think it was the perfect match seeing our rock jewellery right next to the harbour, with the water lapping. The pieces, taken from our Lost & Found collection were inspired when Sarah took a vacation to beautiful Nordic country of Denmark. A day trip out to Båring to take in some fresh sea air, revealed itself to be a day of wandering, discovery and beach combing.

Back at home in her studio these limited number of stones, began to reveal themselves as an honest nod to the timeless. Materials perfectly polished by nature, were freeze-framed in gold, each unique stone honoured in lavish luxury in their natural beauty.

Rock Jewellery Feature Hide My Coat
Rock Jewellery Earrings Hide My Coat

The details:

Made from 100{bf9a968572e7ebb68f246158f0b8da6c4ea2bd1e341039728af7ec2198186826} recycled metal, our stone rings, (pendants) and earrings are made uniquely by hand in England.

Each piece in this jewellery collection is absolutely a one-off and its craftswoman-ship second to none, you simply will not find other pieces like these the world!

Why not find your moment of peace whilst these million year old unique stones forged by the earth and set individually by hand, adorn you effortlessly.

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