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Raw Stone Jewellery – How We’ll be Wearing Ours This Summer …

By May 13, 2017September 7th, 2017No Comments

Raw Stone Jewellery – The Details …

As you might know by now, here at Saloukee we are massive fans of nature! The more natural the materials the better and we find this is often what inspires us when it comes to jewellery making. Over the years we have used materials in their natural state and our most recent example of this is our Lost & Found Jewellery Collection. This collection uses the simplicity of nature and is made from a minimal number of hand selected flint stones. The stones are uncut, untouched and raw, simply mounted in their natural state, the perfect raw stone jewellery.

Raw Stone Jewellery SaloukeeHow We Wear Ours …

We wanted to show you some recent photographs of the gorgeous Tanya from Hide My Coat, to give you some summer ideas for outfit matching. What better way to match natural materials with of course beautiful natural material counterparts. Tanya has teamed her raw stone earrings with three different linen outfits.

Raw Stone Jewellery Saloukee

The first was an ‘exploring streets look: linen skater dress and white sneakers.

The second was a ‘romantic walk look’: wide pants, beige trench coat and laid back linen shirt.

The third was Tanya’s ‘business meeting look’: striped linen airy dress with wide white pants.

 Raw Stone Earrings …

Tanya wears our Saloukee raw stone Gudrun earrings, each pair ever so uniquely different. Each stone in this collection is perfectly formed and buffed by nature, every one unique in shape and colour. We selected a limited number of tactile stones to be included in our Lost & Found collection and have set them individually by hand, to hold and safe-keep our finds, showcasing their beauty in time to the world. Each piece in this jewellery collection is absolutely a one-off and its craftswoman-ship second to none, you simply will not find another pair of earrings like these in the world!Raw Stone Jewellery Saloukee Rings EarringsWe also do a limited selection of one-off raw stone Agneta necklaces and individual raw stone Ebba rings. All of which can be found on our website HERE.

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