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Paper Jewellery by Saloukee

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Paper Jewellery by Saloukee

Our To Cherish collection is really where Saloukee paper jewellery began. After studying silversmithing and jewellery in a more traditional way, Sarah’s urge to work with materials that were more gentle to the touch and could be manipulated by hand was a theme that she simply could not shake. What started off as small scale models in textured paper for larger works, began to be far more inspiring to Sarah than her metal finished articles. She questioned why it was she couldn’t simply begin and end with this tactile material, finding methodic ways to and exude preciousness in the ordinary.

Find your conversation starter amongst our collection and cherish your very own piece of paper jewellery perfection.

Paper Jewellery


When Sarah begun making paper jewellery back at University in 2004, she never dreamed that she would continue to do so into here career, many years later. She set out to challenge the perception of what jewellery is and what it should be made from. Over the years, her paper jewellery has found ways to accomplish this, having been showcased galleries, retailers, magazines and books all over the world.

“It’s amazing to have had my paper jewellery being stocked in The National Portrait Gallery and Anthropologie U.S but making jewellery for customers’ wedding anniversaries and birthdays will still always be my biggest honour” says Sarah.