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To Cherish : Paper Jewellery


When I began making paper jewellery back at University in 2004, I never dreamed that I would continue to do so into my career. I set out to challenge the perception of what jewellery is and what it should be made from. Over the years, my paper jewellery has found ways to accomplish this. It has been showcased in galleries, retailers, magazines and books all over the world.

It’s been truly amazing to have had my paper jewellery being stocked in The National Portrait Gallery and Anthropologie U.S. However, making jewellery for customers’ wedding anniversaries and birthdays will still always be my biggest honour.


I originally began working with paper to create models for jewellery in more traditional materials like metal. I soon realised that paper was the material that intrigued me the most. It offered me a tactile quality that harder materials did not. I also loved how playing with it, opened doors to my creativity that I’ve never before explored.

Commission only pieces

Some of my more intricate, larger scale pieces are available on a commission only basis. These are real art pieces and take absolute patience to make. If you have your heart set on one of my paper bracelets or collars, it would be a pleasure to make one for you. Just get in touch.

Saloukee Collections

Like many of us, in the hectic whirlwind of modern life, I often seek ways to find a certain sense of ‘hygge’ in my everyday and my jewellery collections often reveal themselves to be a reflection of this. This intriguing Danish word (pronounced hue-gah) sits at the very core of Saloukee’s being – explained a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday things more meaningful, beautiful or special. This sense is something I hope I am able to impart on my wearers.