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Amonì : Organic Jewellery

Organic Jewellery Silver Ring

Amonì is a beautifully delicate, organic jewellery collection which draws from the inspiration of nature and is nurtured in to woman made pieces. Its conception started in a design for bronze stud earrings, as part of my Project Wabi Sabi. Due to their popularity, I have now extended the range to ten beautifully textured investment pieces, made in precious metal.


Following a meandering trip exploring relaxed Sicily, I couldn’t help but fall in the love with the textures of their buildings and habitats. From flaking paint of walls on houses that told stories of years gone by, to the earth dry and cracked by their scorching summers’ heat. Their flora and fauna, effortlessly providing idyllic backdrops to their man made history, from one village to the next. Using these as my inspiration, I was able to create the tactile organic jewellery you see before you.

Saloukee Collections

Like many of us, in the hectic whirlwind of modern life, I often seek ways to find a certain sense of ‘hygge’ in my everyday and my jewellery collections often reveal themselves to be a reflection of this. This intriguing Danish word (pronounced hue-gah) sits at the very core of Saloukee’s being – explained a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday things more meaningful, beautiful or special. This sense is something I hope I am able to impart on my wearers.