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New Jewellery Collection – Founded From A Bygone Era

By May 1, 2015May 21st, 2018No Comments

New Jewellery Collection – Founded From A Bygone Era

Some days I feel very grateful to have the frivolous (!) task of designing a new collection and today I was lucky that it was the day for research. I’ve always enjoyed that part of any project, I’m a sucker for gathering (a secret hoarder!) and organising and this is a way I can seriously eek that out!

I love looking back to the past and seeing how jewellery has evolved, with new technologies, innovative techniques and clever brains, the revolutions in design are always changing. I’ve been obsessed with history forever, as so many of us are, you sometimes wonder whether anything created in our modern society is really not just a remix of time gone by? Thank the lord for Pinterest I say and for ‘secret boards’, not only does it allow me to visually hoard so many pretties but it also allows me to retain information that I constantly find, so that I can refer back to it for ‘inspiration’ when the time is right to take on a new collection and change my mind without anyone judging me (a designers’ prerogative right?!).

New Jewellery Collection - Founded From A Bygone Era - Saloukee

I’ve had one particular collection muddling around in my head for the last few years now, yes that’s right years! It’s been unclear but excitedly sat in my brain, with me unsure when and if it would reveal itself! But with circumstance, reality and timing, it’s beginning to unveil itself. It’s theme…?… ‘vintage’. A wide scope hey? In fact there’s little that could not be incorporated within this bracket but luckily today, I’ve refined what ‘vintage’ means to me, within the context of my next collection. I wanted to share with you my process of designing. Where I start, what happens in between and how a collection comes to fruition.

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