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White // Wood: Minimal Jewellery

knotted rope necklace beach

My White // Wood minimal jewellery collection was conceived during a week long break to the English seaside. Whilst camping in the wilds, with the sea air for company, the sights and sounds of British weather conjured a connection with nature for me. Whilst taking a quiet beach stroll, the raw beauty of my surroundings unveiled themselves, not in the far reaching views but in the textures discarded on the dunes.

Reach out to nature with these delightfully delectable, incredibly tactile pieces of nautical & minimal jewellery.



Sea shaped worldly wood, smooth, wisdom holding pebbles and seaweed entangled, fisherman’s ropes. Beach wandering on holiday in search of driftwood to take back to the studio and harness in to something that showcased brilliantly the beauty of nature. With raw materials in hand, I then looked to minimal jewellery and Nordic inspirations, which constantly unveiled themselves to me. Following this I created the simplicity and bold designs of my White // Wood collection you see before you.

large wooden bangle
rope necklace handmade
long driftwood earrings

Saloukee Collections

Like many of us, in the hectic whirlwind of modern life, I often seek ways to find a certain sense of ‘hygge’ in my everyday and my jewellery collections often reveal themselves to be a reflection of this. This intriguing Danish word (pronounced hue-gah) sits at the very core of Saloukee’s being – explained a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday things more meaningful, beautiful or special. This sense is something I hope I am able to impart on my wearers.