Tisa Bib Necklace


  • Materials: 100% cotton rope (made in England), gold plated wire.
  • Dimensions: Maximum necklace drop: 25cm (the necklace comes unknotted so it is entirely adjustable to your necklace length preference).
  • Details: All jewellery is made by hand in England and all products come packaged in our Saloukee branded boxes.


Rope Necklace: Tisa Bib Necklace

A bold and beautifully tactile, cotton bib necklace with lovely gold accents. Tie yourself to the length of your choice, for versatility with a range of outfit necklines. This hand woven rope necklace though is large in scale, is beautifully lightweight to wear.

The word ‘Tisa’ is the Ethiopian Mursi tribes word for ‘plait’ and hints at the origin of just some of the inspirations for our White // Wood jewellery collection.


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