Red Woven Jewellery – Statement Necklace


  • Materials: Thread bound yarn, cotton.
  • Dimensions: Approximate drop 32cm, approximate knit width 4.5cm.
  • Details: All jewellery is made by hand in England and all products come packaged in our Saloukee branded boxes.
  • Care: You can check out my care advice page for the best way to look after for your jewellery, but the item will come with a card which explains this.


Red Woven Jewellery – Statement Necklace

My Purls necklace is the ultimate piece of red woven jewellery. A stunning statement necklace, hand-woven and created to be a bold addition to any outfit. This yarn necklace simply slips over the head for wear. This necklace definitely packs a punch in scale, however I can promise you it is deceptively lightweight to wear.

Due to the unique, handmade nature of the making and dying process of my woven jewellery, each piece is ever so slightly different. Handcrafted to be beautifully individual, just as you are. My purls necklaces come in range of 8 colours which can be found here. A lovely array of pastel, neon, and bright shades, to suit all manner of outfits or personalities!

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