Elsy Rock Ring


  • Materials: Lost & Found Flint rock, 22ct gold plated buff finish setting and 2.5mm adjustable ring shank.
  • Dimensions: Approximate stone height: 2.5cm. Approximate stone width: 4cm.
  • Ring Size: Please select the size that you would like this ring made to, your ring will then be adjusted (if required) to make it fit you perfectly. (I would not suggest adjusting on your own accord).

Please note: If required this ring could be made in a smaller size than stated in the drop-down options. An additional fee (plus additional turnaround time) would be required to undertake this adjustment – please get in touch should you require this adjustment to be made.

  • Details: My Lost & Found jewellery collection is made from ethically sourced, 100% recycled brass, pieces made by hand in England. All products come beautifully packaged in my Saloukee branded boxes.
  • Care: You can check out my care advice page for the best way to look after your jewellery. The item will come with a card which explains this.


Natural Stone Jewellery: Elsy Rock Ring

Natural stone jewellery is something close to my heart. In this limited edition jewellery collection, every piece is perfectly formed and polished by nature. Each one distinctive in shape and colour.

I selected a limited number of natural stones to be included in my Lost & Found collection and have set them individually by hand. To hold and safe-keep my finds, showcasing their beauty in time to the world.

Each piece is absolutely a one-off and its craftswoman-ship second to none. You simply will not find another ring like it this the world!

If you have a treasured rock of your own that you’d love to make into a unique ring, do check out my Bespoke Commissions page.

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