Allita Rock Necklace


  • Materials: Lost & Found Flint rock, 22ct gold plated buff finish setting and bail, 100% natural cotton cord.
  • Dimensions: Approximate stone height: 5.5cm. Approximate stone width: 2.5cm. Maximum pendant drop: 35cm (the pendant comes unknotted so it is entirely adjustable to your preference).
  • Details: Our Lost & Found jewellery collection is made from ethically sourced, 100% recycled brass, pieces made by hand in England. All products come beautifully packaged in our Saloukee branded boxes.

Modern Jewellery: Allita Rock Necklace

Each stone in this collection is perfectly formed and polished by nature, every one unique in shape and colour. We selected a limited number of tactile stones to be included in our modern jewellery collection and have set them individually by hand, to hold and safe-keep our finds, showcasing their beauty in time to the world.

Each piece in this jewellery collection is absolutely a one-off and its craftswoman-ship second to none, you simply will not find another ring like it this the world!


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