Leather Badge – Moonlight


  • Materials:  Leather captured on wood and set on a vintage finish brass brooch setting, with pin closure.
  • Dimensions: Approximate width 3.75cm, approximate depth 1.5cm.
  • Details: All jewellery is made by hand in England and all products come packaged with care labels in our Saloukee branded boxes.


Leather Badge – Moonlight

A series of brooches made as pieces of hope, of dreaming, of time spent and of remembrance. They’re vistas which transport you to another place, remind you of a memory and allow a moment of serenity in a busy world.

A playful set of simplistic graphics, made in leather. Three brooches capturing ‘Moments in Time’.

This leather badge – moonlight, is for making wishes come true. Versatile yet meaningful and each one ever so slightly unique, due to its making by hand.

This series was developed as part of our Project Wabi Sabi. If you’d like to find out more about the inspiration behind this piece, you can read our blog here.

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