Obverse Collar

  • Materials: Hand folded, embossed paper, hand closed rivets, hand tied satin ribbon.
  • Dimensions: Approximate width 18cm, approximate height 6.5cm.
  • Details: All jewellery is made by hand in England and all products come packaged in our Saloukee branded boxes.

Designer Jewellery: Obverse Collar

A gorgeously glamorous collar, evocative of Parisian Haute couture and Elizabethan ruffs, it’s beginnings inspired by references to historical costume. This paper collar is the largest piece of designer jewellery made within our collections thus far, designed and made by hand, containing almost 250 individually closed rivets in its making.

This meticulously crafted collar is made up of hundreds of separate pieces which allow it to beautifully articulate around the neck. It currently comes in the neutral colours of vintage cream and smoke grey, however if you’re dying to see it in a brighter shade, we’d gladly accommodate – just drop us a line!


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