Obverse Bracelet


  • Materials: Hand folded, embossed paper, hand closed rivets, hand threaded satin ribbon.
  • Dimensions: Approximate width 9cm, approximate height 6.5cm.
  • Details: All jewellery is made by hand in England and all products come packaged in my Saloukee branded boxes.


Art Jewellery: Obverse Bracelet

My Obverse bracelet is a beautiful outlandish art jewellery piece showcasing the amazing textures of repetitively folded paper. It’s a perfect example of the distinct precision I value in my creations and this piece clearly reveals where my inspiration from – the pleats and folds of historical fashions.

This cleverly crafted bracelet is made up of many separate pieces which allow it to expand over your hand and contract around your wrist when being worn. I do advise that you keep it all to yourself however, as other size wrists may misshape what is perfectly fitted to you.

I’ve made it previously in sultry neutral tones of vintage cream, ebony black and smoke grey, however if you’re dying to see it in a brighter shade, I’ll try my best to make that happen.

This larger scale piece is available on a commission only basis. If you have your heart set on one of my paper bracelets or collars, it would be a pleasure to make one for you. Send me an enquiry above.

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