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Paper Jewellery (Design and Make) by Sarah Kelly

Jewellery Book: Saloukee founder Sarah Kelly wanted to share some her passion and techniques for all things paper, so wrote a book on the subject! Her book offers a series of masterclasses by experts who work with paper, and features examples of work from a breathtaking array of over 100 international makers.

Techniques covered include encasing, crocheting, moulding, sculpting, cutting and binding, with paper types ranging from origami papers, to found papers, to paper yarn.

The jewellery book features the work of new and established jewellers including world renowned Wendy Ramshaw, David Watkins and Nel Linssen. It also looks further afield to fashion designers Jum Nakao and Michael Cepress and paper artist Rob Ryan.

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Paper Jewellery Book Cover By Sarah Kelly

Jewellery Book Reviews

A breathtaking collection of jewellery made from paper using a variety of different techniques.

The JewellerThe official publication of the National Association Of Jewellers

The main draw for me is the huge variety and quality of the work illustrated. The inspiration provided is stimulating and I could see possibilities and ideas lifting off the page. There are helpful tips, with straightforward instructions and clear illustrations.

FindingsThe Magazine of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery

This is the book you didn't know you wanted but take my word for it that you really really do!

Workshop On The WebAn exclusive quarterly publication on the internet, featuring the very best tutors.

One of the most compelling features of the book is the visual element of the layout, which features plentiful examples of work from a wide array of international makers - a truly inspirational creative resource, no matter what your chosen material is ... this book offers inspiration, tips and techniques for anyone, professional or amateur, interested in working with this sensitive, ephemeral material.

Benchpeg NewsletterMonthly publication supporting the British Jewellery Industry.

Paper is just something you read off of or shove in the printer to churn out copies of whatever, right? Not any more. Paper can be sexy and curvy or spiky and rebellious. It can be made into yarn and crocheted or knitted or folded into 3D art you can wear. The possibilities are limitless!

This book shows you where the track is and gives you the running shoes but if you need more help it is best to look around. It is not a beginners book, which is fantastic for me, but it may scare someone who is just dipping their toe.

H. F. StirlingJaw-dropping Designs

'Design and Make Paper Jewellery' is full of inspiring designers who work in the tactile medium of paper. Whether it's laser cut, hand cut, or paper fused with another medium, if you're a lover of making with paper you will undoubtedly love this book!

Showcasing designers such as Clara Breen, Zoe Keramea, TT:NT and Sarah Kelly (Saloukee) herself, it also features tips and tutorials on paper pleating, preparing files for laser cutting, encasing, binding, crocheting and more- it's really nice way of gaining an insight into how other designers work, and I love that it challenges the perception of how paper can be used in design. Complete with beautiful imagery, I would definitely recommend it for aspiring paper/ jewellery designers!

Laura HigginsA definite must- have for aspiring paper/ jewellery designers!

Paper folded origami style into a 3D pattern that wraps around a collar; paper yarn crocheted into pendants and necklaces; book pages sewn, folded or bound into various shapes that can be worn as accessories; vintage postcards repurposed into boxed rings; tea bag paper molded into wearable shapes. Paper Jewellery (Design & Make) showcases interesting and fascinating pieces by artists who work with different types of paper to craft wearable items.

I was introduced to some artists and works that I'd never seen online or in other books so a lot of the book was fresh and new to me - something not many paper crafting books achieve as so much is now available on the Internet.

Liberal SprinklesLovely works displayed and techniques taught.

I loved it and can see many chances to get my own ideas started. The photos are great and numerous!

Illustrator/designerPure Inspiration