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Sarah Kelly: An Independent Jewellery Designer

The Beginning

Independent Jewellery Designer: From an early age I was obsessed with texture and touch, finding comfort in rubbing silky clothing labels between my fingers and tickling soft cotton to the tip of my nose.

At the age of just four, I’d tell anyone who would listen that when I grew up she wanted to be an ‘artist’. With this dream in mind, I continued to make and create at any given opportunity, steaming ahead with gusto until I gained my first class honours in 3D Design – Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2005 … the start of my journey as an independent jewellery designer.

Independent Jewellery Designer Sarah Kelly Saloukee Jewellery Brand Story The Beginning

The What Happened Next

With the feeling of freedom in my bones, I pursued a varied range of opportunities at the start of my career, with the determination to gain an insight in to the world of design. After working contracts within the film and fashion industry, the individualist in me decided that the time had come to stand alone and be counted.

Having spent some time working in Amsterdam, Paris and London, I set up a business alone, founding Saloukee in 2008 in Birmingham’s historic jewellery quarter to become an independent jewellery designer.

My aspirations to build an authentic British jewellery brand were based on my passion to create unique innovative jewellery collections, offering wearers simplicity with a refreshing edge.

Independent Jewellery Designer Sarah Kelly Saloukee Brand Story The What Happened Next

The Today

Today, things aren’t too different, my jewellery designs often unveil themselves through my ongoing exploration of materials and my natural curiosity of the world. I continue to seek freedom, peace and beauty in my surrounding world, finding ways to transform the ordinary and every day of being an independent jewellery designer into something very special.

Having made a recent move away from the bright lights, I now continue my business in a more serene space, in my studio just north of Shrewsbury. With continual strides, I pride myself in getting new and challenging unconventional jewellery materials working in harmony, whilst passing on my need for discovery, escape and inspiration to other like-minded and adventurous souls.

Independent Designer Sarah Kelly Saloukee Jewellery Brand Story The Today