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Handmade Statement jewellery: Strands collection

Our Strands handmade statement jewellery collection was formed following an urge for tactility. Sarah’s need for practicality and dexterity came following the writing of her first book, After spending many months putting pen to paper, she revelled in the fact she could make handmade statement jewellery again rather than simply talk about it! She was drawn towards the uncomplicated and a surge of making honestly with her hands, with no machinery and just the simplest of materials ensued. Reverting to techniques she’d been taught as a child, she began weaving and knotting in large scale, She was led to dying in bold colours and accessing textiles as a medium, which to date she’d never previously explored.

Why not make your statement with a piece of handmade jewellery which has been solely woven, dyed and made by hand for you to wear, as uniquely precious as you are.

Did you know that our Strands collection has received lovely magazine coverage around the world, having been included in the likes of The Sunday Times Style, Easy Living, Company and Elle UK. Back when the collection launched, it was actually picked up by Trendhunter US.