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Handcrafted Jewellery: Lost & Found Collection

Our Lost & Found handcrafted jewellery collection was inspired when Sarah took a vacation to beautiful Nordic country of Denmark. Following a bustling few days in cosmopolitan Copenhagen, she headed West to mid Denmark for a tranquil few days surrounded by farmland and fields. A day trip out to Båring to take in some fresh sea air, revealed itself to be a day of wandering, discovery and beach combing.

What begun as a mission in finding the time to just ‘be’, evolved into an urge to capture that perfect moment of freedom in time. Feeling the need to savour and share these raw materials, so often disregarded, she scoured the flint beach for a small number of stones, the ones that felt the most tactile in the palm of her hand. Back at home in her studio these limited number of stones, began to reveal themselves as an honest nod to the timeless. Materials perfectly polished by nature, were freeze-framed in gold, each unique stone honoured in lavish luxury in their natural beauty.

Find your moment of peace whilst these million year old unique stones forged by the earth and set individually by hand, adorn you effortlessly.

Did you know this is one of Sarah’s favourite collections that she has designed to date? Read more here: ‘In conversation with Sarah Kelly‘.

Lost & found collection


You might like the above but feel that you have the perfect rock of your own? We love finding creative ways for you to wear and care for your found objects. Perhaps you have a lovely little something you’ve treasure since a child, maybe you’d love to encapsulate a found pebble to remind you of a sentimental holiday or place?

We design unique, handcrafted jewellery pieces with your treasured beach finds so that you wear it, touch it and talk about it. Why keep it hidden away, making it into a piece of tactile jewellery is the perfect way to honour it’s uniqueness and sentiment.

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