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Fourth wedding anniversary gift ideas

By June 5, 20182 Comments

Fourth wedding anniversary gift ideas –

The Linen Anniversary:

Fourth wedding anniversary gift ideas – in my recent blog Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year we found out the historical origins of wedding anniversary gift giving. This blog is the fourth in our series of wedding anniversary gift ideas.

We wanted to share some items which we think make brilliant fourth wedding anniversary gift ideas. We selected a number of items from small, independent businesses in the hope to inspire.

A versatile linen peshtemal for him or her

One of those things that you didn’t know you needed, but when you have one you don’t know how you lived without! A great choice of gift from Luks Linen. A item rich in cultural heritage the peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel that was often given as a wedding gift and used in Hamam’s. Over the years the diversity and popularity of this simplistic, lightweight all rounder has led to an explosion in its popularity.
They say “Endlessly versatile the peshtemal can be used indoors or out as beach or bath towels, as well as scarves, throws, wraps or even as a knotted bag. It is truly a multi-purpose ethical product with a rich lineage deeply rooted in the Turkish way of life … a poster child for minimal living! “
Machine washable, quick drying, lightweight and compact and with a 20 year replace or repair guarantee. Count me in! Prices from £20 for cotton versions, £62.50 for linen mix. MORE HERE.

A handmade linen skirt for her

This recommendation is one for the girls! This vibrant yellow skirt is made from sumptuous Merchant and Mills European Laundered Linen from the talented Bridie at Wild Flora Clothing. Roomy side pockets and a deep, swingy hem – girly yet practical and handmade to perfection.

She says “I love simple shapes in beautiful, natural fabrics; clothes which can be worn time and time again and transformed with accessories and styling. Beauty, longevity and versatility are the values at the heart of my dressmaking.”

The skirt is elasticated at the waist and comes in 3 sizes, making gift buying less intimidating I think. Priced at £90.00. MORE HERE.

A personalised linen cushion

Giving a item of comfort and coziness is always a kind thing. Making that something even more thoughtful by making it personalised is even better. Minna’s Room is a small business started in London in 2011, created with love and lots and lots of passion by Jenny and Jesper.

They say “We love personalised things, but have always thought it was more than difficult to find sophisticated and high quality versions.

It is our aim to help make any room look stylish in an instant and add a personal touch to the home.”

Made from 100{bf9a968572e7ebb68f246158f0b8da6c4ea2bd1e341039728af7ec2198186826} machine washable linen, 40cm in dimension and with a prewashed vintage look. Priced at £24, MORE HERE.

This month will also see me making new work using linen to celebrate my 10 years in business. I have set myself the challenge to make a new piece of jewellery per month for the rest of the year. Each month will be themed by the materials of the anniversaries 1-10.  Do follow me on Instagram to track my journey.


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