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Eighth wedding anniversary gift ideas

By October 9, 2018October 12th, 2018No Comments

Eighth wedding anniversary gift ideas –

The Bronze Anniversary:

Eighth wedding anniversary gift ideas – in my blog Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year we found out the historical origins of wedding anniversary gift giving. This blog is the eighth in our series of wedding anniversary gift ideas.

We wanted to share some items which we think make brilliant eighth wedding anniversary gift ideas. We selected a number of gifts from independent businesses in the hope to inspire.

Bronze for her

Rachel Entwistle creates luxurious narrative jewellery infused with significance and meaning. Inspired by culture, symbolism and the arcane, the designs connect the wearer to something intangible and timeless and yet grounded in a deep sense of history.

This selected piece is Rachel’s stunning Alchemist’s pendant, made in bronze, depicts intricate hand engravings of the Seven Planetary Symbols, Zodiac circle, Full Moon phases and Eight pointed Star.

They say “Each piece is crafted by hand in her Shoreditch based studio using a combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship – the team work like modern day alchemists turning metal into magical designs. Rachel works with precious metals, bronze and gem stones and uses ethically sourced and recycled materials where possible.”

Pendant priced at £160, MORE HERE.

Bronze for a couple

How’s about a bronze themed day out, as an eighth wedding anniversary gift idea? Bronze Age near the docklands, London, offer foundry tours, in which you can discover the art of Bronze Casting.

There is also the adjoining Limehouse Gallery which showcases a contemporary range of Artists work all of which have cast their pieces within our adjoining Foundry, enabling visitors to purchase from a stunning range of locally handcrafted limited edition bronze sculpture.

They say : “During the tour, you will learn about each process taking you from the original sculpture through to the  finished bronze. Groups are led through each department enabling you to see the inner workings of the Foundry through a walking tour. “
Tickets for two persons are priced at £40, MORE HERE.

Bronze for him

How about a pair of UK made, precision turned bronze cufflinks by Man Gun Bear? The face of the cufflink is machined to catch reflection and highlight precision. A cufflink design for passers-by to admire, but holds discreet detailing in its stem for the wearer to personally appreciate – sometimes it’s also about what you can’t see., don’t you think?!

They say “Man Gun Bear was launched in 2012 with a simple ethos, that if we build something we are passionate about and people like it, we will get to keep doing what we love. We aim to design and manufacture sophisticated men’s accessories using intricate craftsmanship, premium quality materials with a kick of personality. ”

Cufflinks priced from £85 per pair and the leather pouch that they come in can be etched with initials too, MORE HERE.

This month will also see me making new work with bronze to celebrate my 10 years in business. I have set myself the challenge to make a new piece of jewellery per month for the rest of the year. Each month will be themed by the materials of the anniversaries 1-10.  Do follow me on Instagram to track my journey.

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