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Mi – Na : Copper Jewellery

Copper Jewellery Mi-na Collection

Mi – Na is a beautifully bold, copper jewellery collection which creates a stunning statement. Its conception started as a single necklace design as part of my Project Wabi Sabi. By popular demand, I have now designed a full collection, incorporating a lovely fresh colour palette and warm copper accents.


Having developed several weaving styles over the last few years, I wanted to created a simple collection which offered statement. Working in cotton has a beautiful tactility to it. Adding such fresh colours and teaming them with with polished metal, made the designing of this copper jewellery a real joy.

Yellow Woven Bracelet
Copper Jewellery Mismatched earrings
Copper Jewellery Statement Necklace

Saloukee Collections

Like many of us, in the hectic whirlwind of modern life, I often seek ways to find a certain sense of ‘hygge’ in my everyday and my jewellery collections often reveal themselves to be a reflection of this. This intriguing Danish word (pronounced hue-gah) sits at the very core of Saloukee’s being – explained a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday things more meaningful, beautiful or special. This sense is something I hope I am able to impart on my wearers.