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Wooden Jewellery

Next up on our blog is an entry about 'Wooden Jewellery', it's number five in our series which will be released throughout 2018. This series is all about showcasing some of the amazing women who have supported, inspired and been part of Saloukee's 10 year story in business. Today we…
Sarah Kelly
July 13, 2018
Behind The ScenesJewelleryProject Wabi Sabi

Linen Earrings

For those following me on social media, you will know that June was my month of making linen jewellery. Though I've played with most fabrics and materials over the years, linen was something that had slipped my grasp. Month four was a celebration of linen because this is the material…
Sarah Kelly
July 2, 2018
Behind The ScenesJewelleryProject Wabi Sabi

Cotton Rope Necklace

Hopefully some of you will know by now, that April was the month where I familiarised myself once more with working with cotton. Time playing and testing. led me to making an adjustable cotton rope necklace in a brilliant sunshine yellow palette. Month two was a celebration of cotton because…
Sarah Kelly
April 30, 2018
Behind The ScenesJewelleryProject Wabi Sabi

Paper Earrings

As most of you will know by now, March was a month where I became obsessed with paper (it’s not the first time you’ll understand!) Which ultimately led to some rather cute paper earrings being made. Month one was a celebration of paper because this is the material that marks…
Sarah Kelly
March 30, 2018