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Anthropologie Accessories – Jewellery In The Making

By May 27, 2016May 21st, 2018One Comment

Anthropologie Accessories – Behind The Scenes:

This year has absolutely flown by so far in the studio and we simply can’t believe that it’s nearly June. We think we know the reason things have moved so quickly, mainly because just before Christmas we had a big order come in from the lovely U.S lifestyle Anthropologie! And when we say big, we mean BIG for us anyway … it was this little pair of hands works very hard to make many hundreds of pieces of jewellery single handedly to fulfil an April deadline and Spring launch.

It’s strange it was like a whole time period in my life that was like a whirlwind, yet time warp, that begun in the cold depths of winter and ended when the bluebells and lambs were showing themselves in the fields surrounding the studio.

I’m not sure when I set out designing the collections in my clutch that I ever envisaged making so many of the same thing and I have to say I learnt a heck of lot about my making process during the undertaking.

The slightest tweak in how I sat, in how many cups of tea consumed/sweeties eaten, in using this tool instead of that, these small things made the difference in my sanity during that period and ensured a great learning curve!

Throughout my many hours, days and months of making, I strived harder than ever towards the perfect completion of every single ordered piece of jewellery. Every product I made I imagined the happy customers eventually wearing the necklaces, earrings and bracelets they’d bought and was excited at the prospect of a new audience accessing my brand and all it has to offer.

I have to say when the FedEx man eventually arrived to take the room full of boxes off my hands, it was somewhat of an anticlimax and for many weeks after I was a jeweller exhausted and still fired up and looking for endless tasks to feed my adrenaline!

After all the hard work, the most enjoyable part for me was seeing my jewellery being launched on the Anthropologie online website, making it into their Spring journal and viewing video of the pieces in their new home in Anthropologie’s new large format stores in both Portland, Oregon and Newport Beach, California.

Phew it was a roller coaster but boy we’re glad we got there, proud to have our jewellery brand recognised, seen and worn by so many new people and feeling even more satisfaction that every single piece was handmade by me in my rural Shropshire studio!


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