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An Independent Online Jewellery Platform – The Pommier

By June 22, 2015May 21st, 2018No Comments

An Independent Online Jewellery Platform – The Pommier:

“An independent online jewellery platform designed specifically to cater to the tastes of the trendsetters of our era and provides access to the latest fashionable accessories from an international pool of up and coming designers.

Globally we are carefully selecting artisanal craftspeople to develop a store that stands out from the crowd.

With The Pommier, you are buying directly from the designers. You are supporting their future career in the fashion industry alongside us. We make sure our Designers receive the best rewards possible whilst adding that extra bit of flare for the fashionistas.”

An Independent Online Jewellery Platform - Pommier

So extraordinary to find a wonderful online shop who not only have stylish beginnings right at the core but actually understand what it the designers they represent are trying to creatively achieve. It was lovely to have a blog written about Saloukee jewellery just last week entitled ‘Styling It Softly‘ which we felt really quite apt.

Though this store is still a newbie in the grand scheme of things, we love the selection of designers they already have on board, and as far as we’re concerned it should always be about quality and not quantity!

So be sure to check out The Pommier for a gorgeous selection of handmade jewellery, brought straight to your door directly from the designers themselves!

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