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Accessorise For Autumn – Our Top Tips

By October 27, 2015May 21st, 2018No Comments

How To Accessorise For Autumn On A Budget:

What’s the best way to brighten up your winter wardrobe? Have you run out of ideas on how to update your look this Autumn?

Well we’ve got a few snaps and snippets that we hope will help …

1.) It’s all about layers – for sure some days are cold during these Autumn months but lately we’ve found pretty mild too, so layer up like your Mum always used to tell you, that way you can strip off when need but still stay snugly under there for when the temperature drops. It also means no major spends on new heavy knits that we all love but cost the earth, you may be wearing 5 thinner layers in comparison but hey that’s 5 outfit choices, just change which layer is at the top!

2.) Put the feelers out for a vintage coat – it doesn’t have to be designer, just warm with the potential of cool with your swagger! Perhaps there’s still one squeezed in to the back of your wardrobe, maybe it’s time to dust it down and give it new life? Maybe your Mum/friend/Granny has a super gorgeous treasure that’s she’s been storing, waiting for it to see the light of day again? Or perhaps you have a few quid spare to treat yourself to a charity or junk shop find, if so get scouting because a good coat in a must as the cold nights draw in!

Accessorise For Autumn Our Top Tips Saloukee Jewellery

3.) How about getting creative? – Do you have a couple of hours one evening to dig out your sewing kit and put the skills you learnt waaayyy back at school a little go? How about adding a little sparkly to the pocket of a blouse, what about some fringing from your local haberdashery to lapel of a jacket, or how’s about hunting down some old school woven badges and up cycle that bag you were only going to give to charity anyway? I bet there’s more potential in your existing wardrobe than you think and if you’ve not got tonnes in the bank to spend, then reassess what you’ve got, we think you might just surprise yourself!

4.) Invest in some awesome accessories – Of course we’re in jewellery so we would say that! But really, accessories are one of the easiest ways to update your look without having to buy a whole new wardrobe! Add a pop of colour, a flurry of texture, or a hint of bling – if you manage this, your outfits are sure not to fall in to the ‘dreary’ category for much longer. The weather might be dull and you might be cold, but we’re positive that this winter your outfit and accessories choices don’t need to be!

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